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What is the Best Accounting Software for a Small Business?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Over the last 15 years of working in business finance teams I have used many different accounting systems. Some good, some bad, some ugly (seriously ugly). I'm going to get straight to the point, if your business has revenues of less than £2m and is relatively simple from a currency perspective there is only one answer. Use Xero.

My 5 favourite Xero features:

1. Easy invoicing

An invoice can be created and sent to your customer in under a minute. For a small business cash flow is so important, therefore so is invoicing your customers and ensuring timely payment. Your invoice design is simple to set up giving you a professional and compliant invoice. Then creating an invoice in Xero records the accounting entry AND you can send it to your customer at the same time! Meaning a fraction of the work compared to a traditional bookkeeper and as a business owner, you can save money and do it yourself!

2. Easy expenses

Gone are the days of a spreadsheet and a pile of paper receipts! With the Xero app simply take a photo of the receipt and add it straight to Xero on the go!

3. Live bank feeds

Connect your bank to Xero and match each transaction to your sales or purchase invoices. Xero automation does the hard work for you, and once you have matched one transaction it will remember the detail for next time, meaning all you need to do is click "ok."

4. Standard and custom reports

5. Finance at your finger tips

With the Xero app and cloud accounting you can access your business finances from the top of your favourite ski run


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